What is Tapir Valley Nature Reserve?

Tapir Valley Nature Reserve is a private nature reserve located in rural northern Costa Rica. A group of concerned citizens purchased the land over ten years ago with the vision of protecting valuable rainforest habitat for many animals, including the endangered Baird's Tapir. The reserve covers over 220 acres of primary and secondary rainforest and adjoins the Volcano Tenorio National Park. It is a 15-minute drive from the village of Bijagua on a new paved road.

Here you will experience some of the best birding in Costa Rica and be able to enjoy exclusive access to the rainforest reserve. Escape the crowds and explore pristine rainforest at its best. There are over 8 km of private hiking trails on the property and multiple birdwatching platforms.

The reserve is owned and managed by local Bijaguan nature guide Donald Varela Soto and fellow Bijaguan Melvin Rodríguez and their families.

Donald and his wife Pip Kelly also own and manage Casitas Tenorio B&B in the village Bijagua about 10minutes from Tapir Valley Nature Reserve.

Entry is restricted – this is what makes Tapir Valley Nature Reserve special.

This is the real Costa Rican rainforest experience, away from major tourist destinations.

While Tapir Valley Nature Reserve has received visitors for more than 10 years, in 2018, community members built the infrastructure that the reserve needed so that visitors can explore and have a more comfortable booking experience. Today, you´ll find a welcome center, wildlife viewing platforms and spaces to rest and relax during your day in the rainforest. At Tapir Valley we can guarantee that visitors have the contact with nature they want, far from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism.

Tapir Valley Nature Reserve features:

• Reception area with five bathrooms, one for the disabled.

• Personnel in the reservation.

• Ample parking space for cars and buses

• More than 6 km of maintained trails that are designed for bird watching.

Three observation platforms.

1. The Wetland Viewing Platform allows visitors to see the wetland and also the birds in the foreground. There is a restroom and facilities to make coffee and enjoy a refreshing cold juice or soft drink.

2. The Forest Platform offers stunning views from an elevated location in the rainforest.

3. The Hummingbird Garden Platform: allows visitors to see hummingbirds from an elevated position and also from the hiding place below. There is a restroom on the first floor.

Three trails, all of which are maintained at a very high level. Soft underfoot.

• The high forest path

• The middle forest path

• The wetland path

Tapir Valley Nature Reserve Vision

To create a place where nature can be appreciated and protected, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the rainforest and surrounding ecosystems without compromising the natural environment.

Tapir Valley Nature Reserve is a perfect place for:

• Nature lovers

• Bird watchers

• Photographers

• People who want to visit the rainforest without mass tourism

Exclusive Tours at Tapir Valley Nature Reserve